Free parent seminar: How to Solve Sibling Rivalry

Advice for parents and carers of children aged 3 – 8

How to Solve Sibling Rivalry - Free Community Service Seminar - Kids First Children's Services

Is your children’s constant conflict affecting your family?

It’s common for brothers and sister to be the best of friends one minute, and sworn enemies the next!

While sibling rivalry is a common experience for many families, there’s no doubt that the aggressive way in which some children relate to one another can be upsetting, frustrating and downright disruptive for families!

As crazy as it might sound,  sibling rivalry is a completely normal part of kids’ development!

When handled the right way by parents and carers, sibling rivarly offers children the chance to learn how to problem-solve, negotiate and play more cooperatively … and these are all vital skills for social success at school and preschool.

At Kids First’s next free Community Service Seminar, an experienced psychologist will explain why kids fight, and what you can do to lessen the destructive impact of sibling rivalry on your family.

If you are the parent of preschoolers or junior primary school children aged 3-8, don’t miss this valuable night full of commonsense advice, handy tips and valuable take-home resources!


Kim Shortridge - Psychologist at Kids First Children's Services in Sydney's northern beachesKim Shortridge

Psychologist Kim Shortridge helps children & families to overcome their challenges. Highly trained as a facilitator of respected parenting support programs such as Triple P, Circle of Security and Tuning In to Kids, Kim provides practical support and strategies that work! At this valuable 2 hour seminar for parents & carers, Kim will show you how to build your kids’ problem-solving, resilience & cooperative play skills. Her commonsense advice & easy tips will help you to make life happier for you and your children!

Who is this event for?

Kids of all ages fight, however this event is focusing on the needs of preschoolers and children in Kindergarten to Year 2. How to Solve Sibling Rivalry is best suited to parents and carers of children aged 3-8.

Early educators, preschool staff, teachers and other professionals who work with young children are also most welcome to attend.

Event Details

Date:        Tuesday, 22 August, 2017
Time:        7.30pm to 9.30pm
Venue:     The Chairman’s Lounge, Brookvale Oval

The Chairman’s Lounge is located in the Ken Arthurson stand on the first floor of the Brookvale Oval stadium complex. Entry is via the stairs near the main gate located on Alfred Street, Brookvale. Parking is available in the Brookvale Oval complex and in neighbouring streets.

Your respect for our cancellation policy (detailed below) is appreciated


Free places at Kids First Community Service Seminars are reserved on a first-come, first served basis and due to the heavy expected demand for this event, bookings are essential.

This will be the only presentation of this seminar for 2017.

Cancellation Policy

If you book a place and fail to attend this event, another family may miss out on the opportunity to participate. Should your plans change, please inform us of your change of circumstances at least 24 hours prior to the event. Kids First reserves the right to wait-list guests who have held bookings for free Community Service Seminars in the past and have, without notice, failed to attend.

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