Free event helps kids make a successful start to high school

Experienced teacher, parent educator and author Sonja Walker will present a free seminar for parents of children starting high school next year in Brookvale on Tuesday 27 October.

Free event - How to help children make a happy transition to high school

Sonja says that transitioning from primary school to high school is a big step for 11 and 12 year olds.

“When children leave primary school, they leave familiar people and places behind.”

“It’s natural for them to worry about what high school is going to be like, whether they will find new friends and how they will cope with high school homework.”

Sonja says that parents also face change as their children move on to high school.

“High schools have also changed a lot since mums and dads were there. When children start high school, parents are sometimes anxious too, because their child’s high school is a new landscape that they have to navigate.”

Mrs Walker says that the 2 hour seminar will help parents know what to expect when their child enters Year 7 next year.

“The focus of this seminar is on providing parents with really practical tips and tools to take the stress out of their child’s transition to high school.”

“I’ll share practical strategies, useful resources, great websites and easy tools that parents can use to support their child so that their transition to high school is happy and successful.”

How to help your child thrive at high school is part of Kids First Children’s Services’ Community Service program. It is a free event, however, bookings are essential.

The evening seminar will take place on Tuesday 27 October at 7.30pm at the Chairman’s Lounge, Brookvale Oval.  Free entry is via the main gate and ample parking is available in the main car park on Alfred Street.

For more information or to reserve a seat, click the link below:

Free parent event: How to help your child thrive at high school

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