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Health & Therapy Services at Kids First

In our experience, a parent’s ‘gut instinct’ is very rarely wrong. If you are concerned about any aspect of your child’s learning at school or pre-school, or if your child has language, behaviour, or motor coordination problems, give us a call now.

If nothing else, the advice you receive might give you peace of mind

No. A doctor’s referral is not necessary for any Kids First health service. However, if you’d like to explore Medicare support options, please talk to your family doctor to find out if your child meets the criteria for a Medicare plan.

Every member of Kids First’s team is a university-educated professional with years of practical experience in clinics, community health, private practice, preschools, and schools.

Kids First’s professionals are members of nationally recognised professional associations such as:

  • Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)
  • Speech Pathology Australia
  • The Australian Psychological Society
  • OT Australia
  • Australian Counselling Association
  • Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia

Visit our Meet The Team page for more information.

Most of Kids First’s children’s speech therapy, occupational therapy and child psychology services are eligible for health fund rebates. The exception is for Child and Family Clinician Services, Careers Advice and tuition services that are delivered by provisional psychologists or teachers.

Please check with your fund for the specifics of your policy and the level of cover it offers to your family.

Yes, many of our families claim rebates from Medicare for speech pathology, occupational therapy, and child psychology services at Kids First.

There are several types of plans for which your child might be eligible, including:

  • Better Access to Mental Health Care Plan
  • Chronic Disease Management Plan
  • Team Care Arrangement
  • GP Management Plan
  • Helping Children with Autism Plan

The only person who can set up a Medicare Plan for your child is your GP or paediatrician.

Your doctor needs to register your child’s plan with Medicare before you can claim a rebate for an appointment with us, so please chat with your doctor about your child’s needs.

Yes. If your child has a self-managed or plan-managed NDIS funding, you are welcome to use it at Kids First. The supports that your child is eligible for will be indicated on your child’s NDIS Plan.

Kids First does not offer services to children whose NDIS plan is directly managed by the National Disability Insurance Agency.

Currently, Kids First’s therapists are accepting new clients; however, if you are limited to coming to see us at certain times and on particular days, you might find that we will need to wait list you for a place.

There is heavy demand for our popular before and after school time slots, however we have a big team and will do everything possible to find a therapy time that suits you and your child.

Children frequently ‘graduate’ from Kids First therapy programs and every week, new spots become available.

Our Customer Service Team actions our waitlist every day, offering appointments to children who are waiting to see a member of our team.


Yes. Kids First’s speech pathologists, occupational therapists and psychologists welcome the opportunity to observe your child at pre-school.

Pre-school visits can enhance your child’s therapy by allowing your child’s therapist to see how your child relates to peers and functions within the pre-school environment.

Pre-school visits also offer valuable support and information to your child’s preschool carers.

Kids First has a very limited number of in-school or in-preschool therapy services available to children who we see for multiple therapies. These children are supported by a team of clinicians and so we generally have direct face to face contact with their families at least once per week.

Our experience is that most children achieve better, faster results when their parents are able to attend part or all of each session. While convenient, school visits don’t always give you the chance to connect personally with your child’s therapist, and we think that’s important.

When you come to Kids First with your child, you get the opportunity to share the observations that you and your child’s teachers have of your child’s challenges and progress each week. This means that your child’s therapist is able to provide support that meets your child’s changing needs.

Another benefit of meeting regularly with your child’s therapist is the direct advice you’ll receive. You’ll know exactly what strategies to practice at home and have the confidence to share accurate information with your child’s teachers. This will allow your child to make quicker progress and ultimately, save you time and money.

Other Questions

Your preschooler will benefit from the support and expert encouragement of fully qualified and experienced professionals at Kids First.

Our team members work closely with local pre-schools and schools and understand the Emergent Curriculum. We can help your child to develop the language, learning, emotional and behavioural skills to make the best possible start to school.

Kids First affordable small group programs and individual therapy services are developed in accordance with recent Australian research that indicates that preschoolers who participate in early education experiences provided by qualified teachers enjoy significant later learning, language and social advantages.

This study also shows that improved future literacy and numeracy outcomes are enjoyed by Kindergarten children whose early learning has been nurtured in small groups facilitated by qualified professionals.

Yes. Kids First welcomes the opportunity to work with parents and staff in schools and pre-schools.

Our popular seminars and workshops include:

  • Communicating With Care: How to identify children’s additional needs and speak compassionately with parents
  • Building Better Behaviour with Your Preschooler
  • How to Help Your Child Make a Successful Start to School
  • Homework: How to Avoid Tears & Tantrums

We can also work with your school or preschool to develop specifically targeted programs that meet your community’s needs.

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