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English tuition and literacy support

At Kids First, northern beaches children are supported by fully qualified teachers and speech pathologists who make a real difference to children’s reading, spelling and writing.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your primary schooler can read words, but doesn’t always comprehend their meaning
  • Once your child’s spelling tests are forgotten, so are the words!
  • Your child has great ideas, but hates writing
  • Your high schooler has no idea about how to plan an extended response or write an essay

We get it! English is compulsory from Kindy to the HSC, but it’s not every child’s strongest subject.

We can help…

Kids First’s fully qualified teachers and literacy educators make reading, writing and spelling more enjoyable for children like yours.

Our private literacy support programs give kids the individual, customised help they need to overcome reading, writing and spelling problems and our dynamic, pressure-free small group programs help high schoolers to meet the demands of the English curriculum.

So if reading, writing and spelling don’t always come easily to your child, read on for the ways in which Kids First can help …

PrivatReading Writing and Spelling tuition - English tutoring in Sydney's northern beachese Literacy Support 

If your child needs specific, one to one, support with reading, spelling and writing, Kids First’s experienced team of language and literacy experts can help.

Our Speech Pathologists are university trained to discover the causes of your child’s reading and writing difficulties.

They can comprehensively assess your child’s literacy skills and design a customised program of therapy and support that will improve your child’s confidence.

They’ll also empower you with ideas and strategies so that practice at home is easy, enjoyable and successful.

An added bonus is that literacy support provided by speech pathologists is a health service. This means that your health fund may offer rebates that make private literacy support more affordable. (please check with your fund to see if Speech Pathology services are covered by your family’s policy)

high School English tuition - English tutoring in Sydney's northern beachesHigh School Groups – English & Writing Skills 

Is your high schooler struggling to meet the challenges of high school English?

Kids First’s relevant and engaging small group programs help students in Years 7 to 11 to improve their English and Writing skills.

Always interesting and with plenty of scope for discussion and interaction, these popular classes support kids’ essay writing, text analysis and reading comprehension skills. They also give kids the step-by-step support they need to meet the demands of homework, exams and assessment tasks.

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Private Literacy Support is available at Kids First from 8.00am to 4.00pm  on weekdays and from 8.30am until 2.00pm on Saturdays.

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