8 easy games to improve your child’s pre-literacy

Speech pathologists in Sydney’s northern beaches share 8 free speech therapy games that will support your child’s school readiness skills.

Free speech therapy games

Parents often ask Kids First’s speech pathologists about  the most important ‘pre-literacy’ skill their pre-schooler should develop before school starts.

The answer they often give is ‘phonological awareness’.

This strange phrase describes your child’s ability to recognise, remember and reproduce sounds.

If your young child can manipulate sounds and words, or “play” with sounds and words, he or she has a better chance of being  prepared to learn to spell and read.

When you engage in ‘word play’ with your child, you will be helping your child build familiarity, confidence and competence with the sounds they will need for later literacy.

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At-home games to improve your child’s pre-literacy

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Worried about your child’s sounds and speech?

Phonological awareness is important because it is a basis for reading, so if you are concerned that your child’s skills are not developing in an age-appropriate way, it is always wise to have their speech and language checked by a qualified paediatric Speech Pathologist.
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