Early Intervention Specialists: The Benefits of Supporting Children in Their Preschool

For children with additional social, communication, or learning participation needs, the early years of education can be particularly challenging. However, having an Early Intervention Specialist come to the preschool to provide support can make a significant difference in a child’s development and overall experience. Here, we explore the benefits of this approach and how it helps children build confidence and create a supportive network both in and out of the preschool setting. 

Early Intervention Specialist providing one-on-one support to a child at Kids First Children's Services, enhancing early childhood development and NDIS preschool participation.

What is an Early Intervention Specialist?

Early Intervention Specialists are highly qualified and experienced early educators who have additional qualifications in Special and Inclusive Education. As clinicians in their own right, they work as part of Kids First Children’s Services’ multidisciplinary team to provide immediate support to children in one of their most important natural environments – their preschools.  

Early Intervention Specialists serve as an important link between a child’s family, educators, and allied health therapists, ensuring that the support they receive is relevant and constantly evolving to meet their developing needs. 

Building Confidence Through Individualised Support

One of the primary benefits of having an Early Intervention Specialist work with your child in their preschool environment is the tailored support they receive.  
Your child’s Early Intervention Specialist can observe your son or daughter in real-time and provide immediate, practical strategies to help them navigate social interactions, communication challenges, and learning activities. This hands-on approach helps children develop the practical skills they need to succeed as they learn and grow alongside their peers. 

Children participating in a group activity with an Early Intervention Specialist from Kids First Children's Services, promoting social skills and preschool participation.

How Early Intervention Support Builds Confidence

  • Personalised Attention:
    Early Intervention Specialists are highly trained and have many years of experience. They know how to focus on your child’s unique needs, helping them to develop specific skills and to overcome difficulties that that might be interfering with your son or daughter’s participation at preschool. 

  • Positive Reinforcement:
    As qualified educators, Early Intervention Specialists know how to provide consistent positive reinforcement, which boosts your child’s self-esteem and encourages them to keep trying.

  • Incremental Successes:  
    By setting achievable goals and celebrating small victories with you, your child and your son or daughter’s educators, an early Intervention Specialist can help your child gain a sense of accomplishment and confidence in their abilities. 

Modelling Successful Strategies

Early Intervention Specialists don’t just provide support; they also model successful strategies for children, educators, and parents. This modelling is crucial as it demonstrates effective ways to handle various situations and challenges, creating a blueprint for everyone involved in your child’s care. 

  • For Your Child:
    Seeing successful strategies in action helps children understand and learn appropriate behaviours and responses. They can observe and practice these strategies, reinforcing their learning.

  • For Your Child’s Educator:
    Teachers and other preschool staff benefit from observing the specialist’s techniques. This knowledge enables them to implement similar strategies throughout the day, ensuring consistency in the child’s support.

  • For You:
    Parents can learn from the strategies modelled by the specialist and apply them at home, providing a cohesive and supportive environment for the child.
Children engaging in interactive play with guidance from an Early Intervention Specialist at Kids First Children's Services, fostering social interactions in a preschool setting.

Enhancing Social Skills and Peer Interactions

Many children with additional needs struggle with social interactions. Early Intervention Specialists can facilitate positive peer interactions by guiding children through these processes, helping them learn how to make friends, share, and communicate effectively.

They do this in many ways, including:

  • Social Stories and Role-Playing 
    Early Intervention Specialists use tools like social stories and role-playing to teach children how to navigate social situations. 

  • Encouraging Peer Engagement 
    By gently encouraging children to join in group activities, Early Intervention Specialists help them build social confidence and form connections with their peers

  • Conflict Resolution Skills 
    Children learn how to handle conflicts and misunderstandings in a constructive manner, which is crucial for building and maintaining friendships. 

Supporting Communication Development

Communication is a critical area where many children with additional needs require support. Early Intervention Specialists work closely with classroom teachers and speech pathologists to provide targeted strategies to enhance children’s verbal and non-verbal communication skills. 

They do this in a variety of ways, including: 

  • Speech and Language Games 
    Early Intervention Specialists introduce activities that promote speech and language development, tailored to the child’s specific needs. 

  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) 
    For children who have significant communication challenges, Early Intervention Specialists can support the use of AAC methods to help them express themselves. 

  • Building Communication Confidence 
    As your child becomes more adept at communicating, their Early Intervention Specialist will create communication opportunities so that their confidence grows, and they become more willing to engage with others. 
A preschool classroom setting at where an Early Intervention Specialist from Kids First Children's Services supports children to participate with confidence

Creating Continuity of Care

When an Early Intervention Specialist works directly in the preschool setting, there is a seamless integration of support across different environments. This continuity of care ensures that your child receives consistent guidance and reinforcement of skills. 

  • Consistent Strategies 
    Using the same strategies at preschool and at home helps your child understand and apply the skills they are learning more effectively. 

  • Collaborative Approach 
    With Early Intervention Specialists onboard, you and your child’s educators can work together, sharing insights and progress, to provide a unified approach to the child’s development. 

  • Holistic Support 
    Addressing your child’s needs in all areas of their life helps ensures that they are supported comprehensively, promoting better outcomes. 

Need Help for Your Child? 

The presence of an Early Intervention Specialist in your child’s preschool setting can profoundly impact your child with additional needs.  
By providing individualised support, modelling successful strategies, and creating a consistent and supportive environment, these highly qualified professionals help children build confidence and develop the skills necessary to thrive.  

At Kids First Children’s Services, our team of Early Intervention Specialists, Speech Therapists, Child Psychologists, and Occupational Therapists are dedicated to supporting children in Sydney’s northern beaches.  
We provide both in-clinic and mobile therapy options to meet the diverse needs of families. If you believe your child could benefit from such support, reach out to our Early Intervention Specialists to discuss how they can help your child succeed both in and out of the preschool setting. 

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