Dagney Hopp – Occupational Therapist

Dagney Hopp – Occupational Therapist

Dagney is a paediatric Occupational Therapist who has helped hundreds of children to overcome physical challenges that affect their learning and development.

Dagney is a Sensory Integration specialist with extensive experience in the DIR Floortime® method. She has practised widely with children with special needs and has a vast background in the areas of motor co-ordination and sensory processing. She offers a variety of physical therapies that assist children diagnosed with conditions like Autistic Spectrum and Sensory Processing Disorders and is a key member of our Early Intervention team.

Dagney also helps children to improve their fine and gross motor skills, supporting them as they learn to manage daily self-care and learning skills like handwriting, cutting and dressing. In addition, she assists children who struggle to join playground games or find it hard to focus and concentrate in busy preschool and school classrooms.

Occupational Therapy with Dagney is available to children who receive assistance through the Helping Children with Autism and Better Start initiatives.

Rebates are also available for eligible children who have benefits offered by a private health fund or Medicare plan set up by their GP.