Creative Writing Clubs @ Kids First

Creative Writers Clubs for children in Years 3 to 6

Does your child:

  • Have trouble getting their imaginative thoughts on paper?
  • Never know where to start when asked to write creatively?
  • Struggle to come up with original ideas?
  • Find it hard to organise and develop their ideas?
  • Have the potential to be a great writer, but lack the know how to experience success?

Many bright, capable kids have the capacity to be terrific creative writers, but lose confidence when their stories don’t quite make it onto the page in the way they intended.

Why creative writing is important for kids

Research has shown that devising a plot, developing characters and working out a narrative is very rewarding for young children.  Creative writing also encourages problem solving and the ability to think independently.

In today’s digital world, creative writing also develops kids’ curiosity and gives them a platform through which they can express their individuality in a way that no ‘screen’ can.

About Kids First’s Creative Writing Clubs

Kids First’s Creative Writing Clubs are led by teacher, best-selling author and Kids First founder, Sonja Walker.

In weekly one hour small group sessions, Sonja supports primary school children in Years 3 to 6 to become confident, creative writers who are ready to share their stories with the world.

In Kids First’s Creative Writing Clubs, your child will learn how to:

  • Come up with unique ideas that demonstrate their skills and ingenuity
  • Make decisions about what to write about (and what NOT to write about!)
  • Develop storylines that are engaging and entertaining for their reader
  • Stretch their vocabulary so that their writing comes to life
  • Manage the demands of writing for tests or exams where time is short and the topic they are asked to write about is not one they would have chosen for themselves
Sonja Walker has been a teacher for more than 30 years and leads Kids First's Creative Writers Clubs

About Sonja Walker

During her 30 year teaching career, Sonja has taught children of all ages and abilities.

Well known for her down to earth, practical and engaging style, Sonja has been encouraging reluctant writers to find their voices for decades.

Sonja’s experience as a classroom teacher, HSC marker and judge of a national a national creative writing scholarship with children’s author Andy Griffiths has given her the opportunity to read thousands of kids’ stories in her time.

She knows what works – and more importantly – she knows how to teach children to develop the skills they need to become confident, capable young writers.

Find out more

Places in Kids First’s popular Creative Writing Clubs are strictly limited to a maximum of 6 children per group.

For more information and the opportunity for your child to participate, call Kids First Children’s Services on 9938 5419

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Creative Writing Clubs take place on Wednesday afternoon at Kids First Children’s Services in Brookvale.

Check our current class timetable here.

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