Courageous Kids helps anxious children

Robyn Fallshaw Child Psychologist runs the Couragoues Kids program in Sydney's Northern beaches

Kids First Child Psychologist, Robyn Fallshaw, is helping anxious children to overcome their fears with a new program called Courageous Kids.

“Some parents think that anxiety is a phase that children will grow out of, however recent research has revealed that up to 13% of children aged 4 to 13 show clinical signs of anxiety,“ she said.

“If a child’s anxiety is not addressed, it can significantly interfere with development and learning. Research shows that anxiety can also lead to serious problems in later life, such as social isolation, underachievement and depression.”

Robyn is a member of the children’s health team at Kids First Children’s Services and has worked with children and their families for more than 20 years. She says that parents play an important role in identifying the signs of their child’s anxiety.

“Kids who are anxious sometimes do not perform to their potential in school. Others miss out on important social experiences or are troubled by friendship issues.”

“Anxious children are often overcome with fear and worry, even in familiar situations. Their ability to function in the home, classroom and playground is affected as their stress prevents them from enjoying every day activities that other kids take for granted.”

“These are all good reasons for parents to seek professional advice and help for a child if there are concerns about the way in which anxiety is affecting their child’s enjoyment of and participation in everyday activities.”

Courageous Kids supports children aged 6 to 12 as they develop emotional resilience and problem solving strategies.

Robyn says that Courageous Kids also empowers parents with information about how to help their children to be more resilient.

Courageous Kids helps children who are anxious about change. It helps them to understand their feelings, build self-esteem and gives them practical strategies to think optimistically and manage challenges like peer pressure and bullying.”

She advises that Courageous Kids can be of particular help to children who are quiet or anxious, have experienced emotional upheaval in their lives, or are dealing with specific worries or challenges.

Courageous Kids groups for anxious children 

Courageous Kids is offered on Thursday and Friday afternoons at Kids First Children’s Services in Brookvale.

Bookings for the popular small group program are open now.

For more information,  email Kids First Children’s Services or call (02) 9938 5419.

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