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This December, school might be over, but the fun has just begun at Kids First’s special Christmas Capers school holiday workshops.

Our energetic team of therapists and teachers will lead fantastic three-hour-long programs that will add to the joy of the festive season for kids with unique needs.

While your child is enjoying art, craft, construction, and maybe even some festive food, you’ll also get the chance to complete those ‘last-minute’ tasks that pop up in the busy week before Christmas.

Kids First’s experienced team of child psychologists, speech therapists, teachers, and OTs offer Christmas school holiday workshops that help kids to reach their therapeutic goals and share social connections with like-minded peers.

Group sizes are limited and NDIS-funded children are welcome.

Please see the booking form at the bottom of this page for available dates, times and conditions.

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Learning cleverly disguised as fun for kids in Kindergarten to Year 5

Christmas Craft Capers

Is your child ready for a creative holiday adventure this December?

Kids First’s Christmas Craft Capers is all about giving your child the chance to show their artistic side while we celebrate the holiday spirit!

This program has been developed by our qualified therapists to help your child build new skills and confidence in the days between the end of the term and the start of the Christmas break.

NDIS funded kids are welcome and groups are small to ensure everyone gets the support they deserve.

There may be some extra gifts under your Christmas tree and we’re looking forward to helping your child make lots of fabulous creations home to share with your family!

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to make your easy online booking!

This is a 3-hour skills-based program that zeroes in on skills like:

  • Emotional regulation
  • Fine motor precision
  • Visual perception
  • Problem solving
  • Following procedures
  • Social skills
  • Listening
  • Expressive language
  • Resilience
  • Independence

Learning cleverly disguised as fun for kids in Kindergarten to Year 5

Christmas Cooking Capers

Is your child excited about the holidays? Do they love the idea of making yummy, festive food and hanging out with new friends?

We can’t wait to welcome them to Kids First’s Christmas Cooking Capers this December!

During this fun-filled morning, your child will enjoy cool cooking adventures, eat the delicious dishes they make, have a blast playing games and listen to awesome music.

Kids First’s experienced therapists will be right there with your child, cheering them on and helping them build their cooking, communication and social skills. They’ll make sure your child has loads of fun, develops practical skills and gains confidence along the way.

Christmas Cooking Capers is a goal directed therapy program, and therefore NDIS funded kids are welcome to join our culinary fun.

If your child is ready to cook up a Christmas storm with us, head down to the booking form at the bottom of this page to reserve their place.

This is a 3-hour skills-based program that zeroes in on skills like:

  • Social communication
  • Planning and predicting
  • Independence
  • Problem solving
  • Trying new things
  • Receptive language
  • Turn taking
  • Emotional regulation
  • Resilience
  • Identifying and managing feelings

The details:

The cost per Kids
First Workshop
$249.00 (INC GST)

Each workshop lasts for three hours, starting at 9am and wrapping up at 12pm.

Cancellation fees apply to changes made within 24 hours of the class start time.

We want your child to have a fabulous time at our School Holiday Workshops, and give your child every chance to feel comfortable at Kids First.

If your son or daughter has not visited us before, we ask that you make 30 minutes available for a free phone consultation or visit wth a member of our clinical team so that we can learn about your child’s background and needs.

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