Chloe Clark – Occupational Therapist

Chloe Clark – Occupational Therapist

Chloe is a highly skilled Occupational Therapist whose passion for paediatrics is evident in everything she does.

Her work in community, preschool and school environments means that she has had lots of opportunities to guide children of all ages and the energy she brings to her OT sessions is infectious.

Chloe’s aim is to help children to thrive in all of the environments in which they live their lives. Whether assistance is needed at home, inside the classroom, in the playground or on the sports field, Chloe can help.

Her extensive training enables her to identify the factors that are holding children back, and through a personalised therapy program that involves parents and teachers, support them so that they can confidently reach their potential and enjoy life.

At Kids First, Chloe particularly enjoys helping children to improve their handwriting, organisational and fine motor skills. She shows children how to improve their Visual Processing and Visual Memory so that learning is easier and more successful, and she also supports parents and teachers with strategies to use at home and in classrooms.

Chloe is an important member of Kids First’s Early Intervention team and also conducts assessments and writes formal reports to support Special Provisions applications for students sitting for exams like NAPLAN and the HSC.

Rebates for OT sessions with Chloe can be claimed through private health funds and Medicare. Chloe is also a provider of therapy to children eligible for self or plan managed NDIS funding.

Chloe is currently on maternity leave.