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Majella Barbe - Occupational Therapist

Majella Barbe – Occupational Therapist

Majella’s 30 year occupational therapy career has made her one of Sydney’s most respected paediatric occupational therapists.

With vast experience supporting children, parents and teachers, she is particularly committed to supporting kids who struggle with learning, behavioural and functional problems that impact upon their lives at home, preschool and school.

Majella’s unique ability to build rapport with children, and the grown ups who support them, makes her a popular member of the Kids First team.

Her strong understanding of kids’ learning and developmental needs, combined with her warmth and wisdom means that children are often so busy having fun that they don’t even realise that they are practising and mastering new skills during their OT sessions with her.

Throughout her career, Majella has supported kids of all ages and abilities.

She has worked extensively with children who struggle with motor coordination difficulties, poor handwriting, self-care problems and joint hypermobility.

She also has significant clinical expertise in supporting children with disabilities and developmental delays, and many years of experience in providing occupational therapy for children with conditions such as Autism, sensory processing sensitivites and attention problems.

A consummate professional, Majella is also a busy mum who understands the pressures that families face. She values the partnership she has with parents as she works with them to help their children to have brighter futures.

Majella is a sought after occupational therapist and works at Kids First on Fridays and Saturdays.

Occupational therapy sessions with Majella attract rebates from Medicare, private health funds and the NDIS.

To make an appointment with Majella, call Kids First today on (02) 9938 5419

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