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Fussy eaters: Why families seek help from feeding therapists


If your child is a fussy eater, you might have worries about your children’s nutrition, growth and development. You might also be concerned about the relationship difficulties that arise when you and your child fight over food and meal-times.

SOS Approach to Feeding therapists at Kids First Children’s Services in Sydney’s northern beaches explain why some families choose Feeding Therapy for their children.

Feeding therapy in Sydney's northern beaches

Fussy feeding and problem eating affects many children, and sometimes the support of a professional who is ‘outside the emotional bubble’ of your family can be a helpful way to overcome difficulties.

Children with feeding problems are often referred to Kids First Children’s Services by family doctors, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, child psychologists, nutritionists and dietitians, early educators in preschools and teachers or school counsellors.

Below is a list of just some (but definitely not all!) of the concerns that bring children to us:

  • Eats a limited number of foods
  • Is frequently distracted at the dinner table
  • Eats meals while walking around
  • Is a very slow eater
  • Has some speech errors that sound like a lisp eg says “thoup” for soup
  • Is a very messy eater
  • Slides off chair and goes under the table
  • Won’t touch the food with hands
  • Demonstrates controlling behaviour at meal times that leads to frequent conflict
  • Eats at preschool but not at home
  • Frequently overstuffs their mouth and then can’t swallow
  • Frequently coughs, gags or throws up during meal-times
  • Has a disability, such as Down Syndrome, that affects muscle tone & strength
  • Resists eating in many, or all, environments and for many, or all, adults involved in feeding

About Feeding Therapy

Feeding Therapy is fun, but it takes commitment too!

In weekly sessions, feeding therapists help children and families with strategies designed to familiarise children with new foods.

Therapy sessions are highly engaging and give kids the chance to interact with new smells, tastes and textures in a safe and encouraging setting.

Are you worried about your fussy eater?

Kids First’s feeding therapists use the SOS Approach to Feeding to support children become more adventurous with the food they eat. If we can help your child to overcome fussy eating, call us on 9938 5419

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