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Parent & teacher resources: Online tools to measure your risk of burnout

Being a parent in today’s world can be tough, and while we are often very focussed on raising our children’s resilience, we also need to ensure that we have adequate resources in our own emotional reserves to meet the challenges of family life.

These tools, recommended by members of the Kids First Children’s Services team, may help you to evaluate your needs and find ways to meet them so that you and the people in your life can enjoy happy, positive and healthy relationships.

Tools for parents

Resources for educators and other professionals to help measure stress

For teachers and other professionals

Support for stressed parents and teachers

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

If feel that your own levels of stress are affecting your well-being and that of your children, your family doctor may be able to assist with a referral to an allied health professional who specialises in supporting adults’ mental health.

Rebates from Medicare are available for people who would benefit from the support of a psychologist and many private health funds offer cover for guidance and counselling services.

Happy Kids Happy Families: Helpful books for parents and teachers

The environment in which you raise your children will be the foundation of their lives. While no family is perfect, the values you have, models you set and strategies you use at home will be key factors in setting your children up for happy, healthy and resilient futures. We hope that these resources, compiled by… Continue Reading

Happy Kids Happy Families: Tools to keep your kids safe online

Today’s children, whether we like it or not, are digital natives. Right now, and in the years to come, your children will be learning, interacting, and communicating in an online world.   As adults, we know that digital technology offers lots of positives to kids, however, just like in the face-to-face world, children need to… Continue Reading

Happy Kids, Happy Families: How to raise resilient kids in today’s world

This event is now BOOKED OUT See below for wait-list opportunities Has the fun has gone out of your family? Is being a parent harder than you thought it would be? Do you spend more time worrying about your children’s struggles than celebrating their strengths? Are you concerned about: Frequently raised voices? Problem behaviours that… Continue Reading

Free Event: How to Help Your Child Make and Keep Friends

Does your child: Have trouble fitting in with other kids? Struggle to meet like-minded mates? Feel excluded by friendship groups Miss the social cues that other children send? Find it hard to compromise or follow the rules of games? Feel lonely after starting at a new school? Have conflict with peers because of their need… Continue Reading

Sensitive kids: How to have a successful parent-teacher meeting

I once taught a student whose anxious mum was always keen to speak with me. I understood that her earnest pursuit of my attention was simply an attempt to ensure the best for her sensitive only child and did my best to respond positively to her frequent emails, phone calls and unannounced after class visits.… Continue Reading

What to do if your child is afraid of Santa

  For most children, having a photo taken with Santa is all part of Christmas holiday fun. However, some young children find this outing to be a frightening experience. Robyn Fallshaw, psychologist, explains why it’s not uncommon for young children to be scared of Santa…. “Children’s natural sense of self-preservation often kicks in when they are… Continue Reading

Brando – Therapy Dog

Brando – Therapy Dog

  Brando is the canine companion of Kids First psychologist, Lincoln Comans. As cute and friendly as he looks, Brando also plays an important clinical role because his ‘boss’, Lincoln, has extensive training in Animal Assisted Intervention therapies for kids. Brando helps children to build trust, self-esteem and the courage to talk about tough topics. He… Continue Reading

Lincoln Comans – Psychologist

Lincoln Comans – Psychologist

  Lincoln has supported hundreds of children during his career and his work as a school counsellor in primary and high schools uniquely positions him to provide advice and guidance to families about children’s learning and behaviour. Lincoln is well-known for his innovative use of Animal Assisted Interventions and his trusty companion, Brando the Therapy… Continue Reading

Parent resources: How Manage Mean Kids and Playground Politics

It can be difficult to help your child to develop the social skills and resilience they need to cope with playground politics. As an adult, understanding how these skills develop in children may be helpful start as you parent your child. Equally, resources that you can use with your child to build their understanding of… Continue Reading