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Kirsty Gale - Early Learning Support Specialist

Kirsty Gale – Early Learning Support Specialist

Kirsty’s 20 year teaching career has been dedicated to helping children meet their full potential and providing parents and educators with practical strategies that improve children’s learning, social and emotional futures.

With a Masters’ Degree in Special Education, Kirsty’s post-graduate training in supporting children and families with unique needs means that she is a respected professional with a strong local reputation for leadership, excellence and integrity.

Kirsty is a member of Kids First’s clinical team and provides customised, personal support when families need a holistic approach to their child’s learning and development. In her role as Kids First’s Early Learning Support Specialist, she combines her experience and talents with the expertise of our allied health team to ‘fill the gaps’ that families often experience as their children attend preschool and school.

A specialist in children’s learning, behavioural and social development, Kirsty frequently meets with parents who are planning ‘next steps’ for their children. As an impartial third party, she utilises her in-depth professional knowledge of child development and educational settings to help families make informed, confident decisions for their children’s futures.

Kirsty also conducts unobtrusive classroom observations to support parents’ and teachers’ understanding of children’s social, behavioural and learning needs in group settings.

These visits, which are often arranged at the request of families or teachers, provide educators with practical resources and give parents insights into their children’s daily experience at preschool and school.

In addition, Kirsty delivers professional development and training workshops for groups of educators who seek to proactively build their knowledge and skills.

A woman of many talents, Kirsty also coordinates Kids First’s Social Skills programs for children aged 4 to 12. Children in our Social Stars, Social Detectives and Social SuperHeroes groups work directly with Kirsty and benefit from her extensive expertise in helping children learn how to connect with one another.

To make an appointment with Kirsty, or find out more about the services offered through Kids First’s Early Learning Support Specialist program, call 9938 5419.

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