Case History Questionnaire

Thank you for completing this questionnaire.

Your insights, observations and concerns are exceptionally important to us and your child’s clinician will use the information you provide below to prepare for your first session.

Kids First is a multi-disciplinary practice and we are committed to giving you the very best clinical advice so that you can make informed choices for your child.

On occasion (and if our practitioners have availability) it may be possible for your child’s treating therapist to be joined by another member of our team during your visits to us.

The presence of an extra therapist is complimentary and incurs no extra cost to you.

Our intention, always, is to add value to your Kids First experience, however if you would prefer to meet and work with one therapist only, please feel free to advise our reception staff. Your wishes will always be fully respected and prioritized.

  • All information you provide will be kept confidentially

  • How are these challenges affecting your child's learning, participation, friendships, self-esteem, family relationships, behaviour etc
  • What are your major concerns for your child? What advice or help are you looking for?
  • Family Information

  • When did your child's current NDIS plan begin? This information is included on your child's NDIS plan
  • When does your child's current NDIS plan end? This information is included on your child's NDIS plan