Careers Advice: How to Guide Your Teen Towards a Bright Future

How much personalised careers advice has your 15-to-18-year-old received as they approach their final years at school?

According to Annika Williams, Wise Choices Careers Advisor at Kids First Children’s Services, as they approach the milestone of finishing high school, teenagers as young as 14 are often filled with endless questions about their future.

“From Year 9 and 10 onwards, they are starting to ask, ‘Should I get a job?’, ‘Take a ‘Gap Year?’, ‘Go to Uni? ‘Get a traineeship?”

“They also want to know what subjects they should select for Years 11 and 12, and now that vocational education offers so many opportunities to earn qualifications while they are at high school, what school-based apprenticeships or traineeships might be right for them.”

Professional Careers Advice for teenagers

Life after school: How it’s changed for teenagers

Annika says that, while many schools have teachers who have Careers Education training, the process of helping teenagers to decide about their future is a growing concern for many families.

“We all want what’s best for our kids. As parents, we want them to be happy, settled and successful in whatever path they choose, but the reality is that the post-school landscape has changed dramatically since most Mums and Dads entered the workforce years ago.”

“While students might have one Careers lesson a fortnight in Years 9 and 10, that is sometimes not enough for kids who are uncertain about their next steps. Many parents I meet are keen to give their children more support than the school can provide.”

How Careers Advice Can Help Teenagers

Annika believes that now, more than ever, it’s crucial to provide teens with the opportunity to receive informed, impartial, and up-to-date careers advice that can shape their path to success.

“Every teenager is unique, but regardless of whether a high schooler is an academic achiever or not, there are some common advantages to getting personalised advice about post-school Careers and further study advice.”

  • Careers Advice Expands Their Horizons
    The world is full of endless possibilities, and our teenagers deserve to explore them all. By offering informed careers advice, we open doors to a wide range of opportunities that our teens might not have considered. From university degrees to vocational training, apprenticeships, and emerging industries, customised Careers Advice can help broaden their horizons and introduce them to exciting pathways they may have never thought possible.

  • Careers Advice Provides Them With Up-to-Date Knowledge
    The job market is constantly evolving, with new trends and technologies shaping many industries. That’s why it’s crucial for our teens to stay up-to-date with the latest information. By providing them with informed careers advice, we empower our teens to make decisions based on a comprehensive understanding of the current job landscape. They can discover emerging fields, understand skill requirements, and make choices that align with their interests and abilities so that the pathway they choose is bother personally and professionally rewarding.

  • Careers Advice Gives Impartial GuidanceAs parents, we naturally want what’s best for our teenagers. However, offering impartial guidance can be challenging when we have our own hopes, experiences and expectations. That’s where the expertise of a Careers Advisor comes in. A Careers Advisor can provide an impartial perspective, free from personal biases, helping our teens explore options based on their unique strengths, interests, and goals. This ensures our teenagers make decisions that are truly aligned with their own passions and aspirations.
Careers Advice helps teenagers in Sydney make informed choices for their future

Careers Advice that Provides Confidence and Direction

Annika says that it’s not uncommon for students in Years 1 and 12 to have no idea about what they want to do when they leave school.

“Sometimes, kids in Year 11 are only 16 years of age. As adults, we know life is full of decisions, and that some of the choices that young people make are not made with the advantage of experience or hindsight.”

She says that Careers Advice can help high school students to find direction and motivation as they head into the final months and years of their school lives.

  • Careers Advice Can Build Confidence
    The journey of choosing a career path can be overwhelming, often leaving our teens feeling uncertain and lacking confidence. With informed careers advice, we empower our teenagers to make decisions confidently. They gain a better understanding of their skills, values, and preferences, enabling them to articulate their strengths and navigate the challenges they may encounter along the way.

  • Careers Advice Can Create Introductions and Networks
    Whether it’s an introduction that leads to a part-time job or work experience opportunity, Careers Advisors often have a network of professional contacts that can help teenagers to make connections with professionals, mentors, and alumni who can provide insights, guidance, and potential opportunities. Building these connections early on sets our teens up for success as they enter the professional world.

  • Careers Advice Helps Kids Feel Supported
    Transitioning from high school to the professional world can be challenging for our teens. That’s why it’s essential to provide ongoing support throughout their career exploration journey. Informed Careers Advice ensures our teenagers have access to resources, tools, and mentorship opportunities that can help them overcome obstacles, stay motivated, and navigate the ever-changing world of school, work and study.
Wise Choices Careers Advice Program at Kids First Children's Services helps teenagers in Sydney make informed choices for their future

Wise Choices Careers Assessments at Kids First

At Kids First Children’s Services, we understand the importance of equipping our teens with the tools they need to navigate the world of career options. We believe in the power of informed decision-making and the impact it can have on their future.

Our innovative Wise Choices Careers Assessment and Advice Program offers the personal support of experienced Careers Advisors to young people and their families.

Assessments can be conducted in-person at Kids First in Sydney’s northern beaches, or via our on-line video platform.

Find out more here, or call Kids First Children’s Services on (02)9938 5419

Careers Advice for High School Students at Kids First Children's Services

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