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Pre-schoolers with unique needs, including those with a speech and language delay, global developmental delay or autism, can find it hard to connect with other kids. They may not know how to express their wants and needs, share, take turns or make friends.

If you’re caring for a child who has communication, social and motor coordination difficulties, early intervention with Kids First can prevent their challenges from worsening, helping them have more success in their classroom and playground life.


Our ART THERAPY groups provide opportunities for children aged 3 to 5 to be supported by experienced clinicians as they engage in creative, therapy-based activities that improve their social, communication, and independence skills.

At Art Therapy groups, your child will be given support to:

Communicate with peers
Express thoughts and feelings
Improve concentration
Follow Instructions
Develop Independence
Build social skills

Adding fun and creativity to kids’ therapy support.

Kids First’s ART THERAPY program has been developed by our multi-disciplinary team of paediatric professionals. They offer children enjoyable opportunities to apply the skills they learn in their individual therapy sessions in a highly supported, real-life group setting.

ART THERAPY groups are led by our experienced speech pathologists who also provide families with guidance so that support can continue for their child at home and preschool.


Across 5 weekly sessions, your child will not only have creative fun but also learn and practice the important social, communication, and fine motor skills they need to succeed in their everyday life.

Each group is limited to 6 children to ensure every child receives focused, one-on-one support.

Is an Art Therapy group right for your child?

Every preschooler has different therapy needs.
That’s why we take you through our 4-step process to help you decide what support would make the most difference to your child right now.


If your child is not an existing Kids First Client and you're interested in ART THERAPY, you’ll first attend a consultation with one of our Speech Pathologists to ensure ART THERAPY is the right clinical option for your child.


You’ll be given a chance to share your child’s challenges in a confidential setting to show us the ‘big picture’ of how your child is getting on at home and at pre-school.


We’ll learn more about how social, communication and motor coordination issues are affecting your child and the impact it’s having on their happiness, friendships, and participation in daily life


Our Speech Pathologist will help you make an informed decision for your child, whether that’s ART THERAPY or an alternative treatment that may be a better option right now.

Art Therapy group timetable 2022

Our ART THERAPY groups take place in a child-friendly setting at the Kids First centre based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. We offer a junior group for children aged 3 to 4 and an intermediate group for children aged 4 to 5. Each series of ART THERAPY runs for 5 weeks and your child is welcome to participate in more than one series, as the activities vary from group to group. Capacity is limited to 6 children in each group, so we strongly recommend booking early.

Timetable for Term 3 in 2022 below:

11:15 am
Pre-schoolers aged 3 to 4
11:15 am
Pre-schoolers aged 4 to 5 (Starting school next year)

Eligibility for Medicare and NDIS

Our ART THERAPY groups are led by qualified Speech Pathologists who have extensive backgrounds in children’s health, development, and learning.

Children with an NDIS plan may use their NDIS funding for this program; however, please note that our ART THERAPY program is not eligible for rebates from Medicare.

Please check with your private health fund to determine whether your family policy covers your child for participation in speech therapy groups.

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