Apps make sensory diets easy for kids


Here’s a tip from Kids First Occupational Therapist, Carlien Badenhurst, who has years of experience in supporting children with sensory and behavioural challenges.

Carlien says that a new app called ‘Sensory Treat’ is great for parents to remember the activities their child’s Occupational Therapist has prescribed their child’s sensory diet.

Sensory Treat sends reminders to your mobile phone, helping you to stay on track with the important activities that keep your child calm, alert and ready to learn and play positively.

It’s great for teachers, babysitters and other care-givers and can also measure your child’s progress by rating their weekly sleeping, eating, playing and emotional function.

Find out more about the Sensory Treat app in this 80 second video…

Download Sensory Treat for Apple or Android devices here

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