6 reasons why Maths tutoring works for kids

A growing number of families are turning to Maths tutors to help their children manage the demands of modern day Maths, and there are many advantages to ‘out-sourcing’ this educational support. Read the 6 reasons why Maths tutoring works for kids below …

6 key benefits of Maths tutoring for kids

For many parents, Maths is a long-forgotten subject that they last thought about decades ago.

So if you don’t have the skills (or the patience!) to provide the high level of support that your child needs to succeed in 21st century Maths, why not try a Maths tutor?

Here’s 6 reasons why Maths tuition often works for kids.

Teachers are more qualified than parents

With a new national curriculum in place around Australia, an experienced teacher is much more likely to understand the terminology and methods of modern maths than you are.

While it’s great to be able to show your child ‘your way’ of working a Maths sum out, if ‘your way’ last saw the light of day in 1989 and you’re not using the language or method that your child’s classroom teacher is using, you’re likely to confuse your son or daughter even further.

A qualified teacher who understands the current curriculum and is trained to adapt their teaching style to meet your child’s learning needs is usually your best option when choosing a Maths tutor for your child.

(An unqualified uni student may have achieved a great ATAR or stunning result in Maths themselves, but that doesn’t mean they are good at breaking complex ideas down or explaining them clearly to a child who is struggling.)

Personal attention gives kids an advantage

One-on-one or small group instruction is a benefit in any subject, and Maths is no exception.

When your child receives personal attention from a Maths tutor, they have the opportunity to be taught in the learning style that best suits them.

Their questions and concerns can be addressed without the social pressure sometimes felt in the classroom, and because Maths tutoring lets your child learn at their own pace, it’s more likely that they will understand the concepts being taught, building confidence from week to week that gets results in the classroom.

Stress-Free Learning

If your child is struggling in Maths, the classroom environment could be quite stressful.

It’s common for kids to worry about what their friends will say if they admit that they don’t understand an idea or process in Maths. They’re understandably reluctant to ask questions or draw attention to the fact that they don’t understand Maths concepts for fear of being teased or laughed at.

Maths tutoring offers uncertain students a much more relaxed learning opportunity.

In a private Maths tuition setting, your child may feel less pressured and be more willing to make mistakes. This will greatly reduce their stress, encourage them to be more willing to try new things and result in them absorbing more of the information being taught to them.

Tuition can even be fun

A good Maths teacher knows how to engage kids and how to make tuition fun. This is particularly important for primary school aged children, who often do best when they are given opportunities to play Maths games that make it easier for them to learn and understand mathematical concepts.

When a Maths teacher is able to turn tuition into a fun activity, the whole concept of Maths can seem less daunting for kids. In our experience at Kids First, children who enjoy engaging tuition sessions eventually find that Maths problems are much easier to solve. Maths ceases to be a worry for them and many even begin to enjoy the subject.

Regular Feedback

As a parent, you probably don’t get many opportunities to talk to your child’s teacher about how your child is going in Maths (or in any subject, for that matter!) With only an annual parent-teacher night and a couple reports to go on, it can be tricky to get feedback about your child’s progress.

One of the major advantages of having your child work with a Maths tutor is that the tutor can provide you with immediate feedback about how your child is going, as well as provide your child personal advice.

A qualified teacher can also give you tips about how you can help at home, as well as answer any questions you or your child might have.

Better Results

Perhaps the main benefit, and the reason that many parents choose to have their kids work with Maths tutors, is the hope that their children will not only feel more confident about Maths, but will also achieve better results at school.

The good news is that if a child and their tutor are well matched…and if the child takes the advice they receive on board … this very often happens.

The important thing to remember is that engaging a Maths tutor won’t automatically guarantee that your child will race to the top of the class, but it does give them a great chance to improve and feel more confident about Maths.

When you choose a qualified Maths teacher who knows what they’re doing as a tutor for your child, you’re giving your child a great opportunity to achieve to the best of their ability.

And isn’t that what we all want for our kids?

Written by Sonja Walker
© 2016 Kids First Children’s Services

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