50 Apps that will improve your child’s learning

Apps are always changing and every week there is a new one to explore with your child. But with millions of apps on the market, how can you know where to start? Children’s health professionals at Kids First in Sydney’s northern beaches share 50 excellent apps that will enhance your child’s learning.
50 apps that will help your child to learn

Apps can support your child’s language, literacy, organisation and social skills and much more.

Kids First’s speech pathologists, occupational therapists, child psychologists and teachers frequently use apps in their work with children.

Below is a list of 50 apps we have used to successfully engage, encourage and support children’s learning.

We’ve also included suggestions for blogs and other websites that you can subscribe to so that you stay up to date with the latest app releases.

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We hope these resources will help you and your child!

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50 Apps to Support Your Child’s Learning

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