Disappointing Maths report? 5 free ways to help your child do better

5 free ways to help your child do better in Maths - advice from Maths tutors in Sydney's northern beaches

It’s half-yearly report time and like many other parents, you may have just learned that your child is struggling in Maths.

It’s natural to be concerned…and perhaps a little frustrated, especially if you know that your child is capable of better results.

Unfortunately, Maths is one of those subjects that can bring even the most conscientious of kids undone.

Sometimes, students just don’t connect with the teacher.

Your child who used to love Maths is now suddenly disengaged in the classroom.

Or, your child might have suddenly fallen behind – perhaps because they were absent from school when key concepts were taught.

Whatever the cause of your child’s Maths struggles, there are quite a few on-line resources that might make Maths easier for you and your child. So to help you master Maths, Kids Firsts’ qualified Maths teachers have gathered 5 of our most popular posts that provide excellent resources and sensible advice for parents.

Check them out below…

Maths Tutoring - how to know if your child needs it - Advice from maths tutors in Sydney's northern beaches

Maths tutoring: How to know if your child needs it

When your child is struggling with maths, it can be hard to know what will make a difference. In this down-to earth article, a teacher gives common-sense advice to help you work out whether your child needs a Maths tutor or not. Read on here…

6 reason maths tutoring works for kids - advice from Kids First Children's Services in Sydney's northern beaches

6 reasons why maths tutoring works for kids

Maths tutoring is an educational option that some northern beaches parents shy away from because they fear they might be seen to be ‘pushing’ their kids. But Maths tuition isn’t always about ‘hot-housing’ children and can have a very positive impact on their learning. This article explains why. Read it here …

100 ways to master maths - free advice and resources from Maths tutors in Sydney's northern beaches
100 ways to master maths

Here, a maths teacher with more than 30 years’ experience explains how the Australian maths curriculum has changed in recent years. This resource also includes a handy free guide called 100 ways to maths homework easier. Read more and get your free guide here …

Free Checklist: Maths Skills for Year 4 and Year 5 - From Maths tutors at Kids First in Sydney's northern beachesChecklist: Year 4-5 Maths Milestones

The skills and concepts learned between the ages of 9 and 11 lay the foundations for your child’s success in Mathematics at high school and life. Take a look at this helpful checklist to see if your child in Year 4 and Year 5 is mastering the number and algebra demands of the curriculum. Get your checklist here …

5 websites to help your child with maths - Suggestions from maths tutors at Kids First in Sydney's northern beachesHelpful Maths websites

Classrooms are not the only places for learning about Maths, and there are some great on-line resources that you can use to support your child’s learning. In this article, experienced teachers share some of their favourite Maths websites for kids of all ages in a free PDF that you can use now or keep for future reference. Get it here …

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