100 ways to master maths

Does your child struggle with maths? Does your child’s maths homework bamboozle you too? You’re not alone!

Teacher Diane Bastable explains how you can help your child do better in maths.

Helping parents to understand primary school maths

The Australian Mathematics curriculum has changed significantly in the past 10 years, so it is no wonder many mums and dads are confused by it!

Former NSW Department of Education Numeracy Advisor and experienced primary maths teacher, Diane Bastable has been teaching in NSW schools for more than 30 years.

Diane says that many parents lack confidence when it comes to helping their children with maths homework.

Maths methods have changed

“If you went to school in the seventies and eighties, the memory of times tables taught by heart and sums done without calculators contrasts significantly with the maths curriculum taught in primary schools today.”

“We were taught to follow the rules and remember the formulae, but today kids are encouraged to find answers themselves by working mathematically through practical activities.”

Diane says that although some aspects of maths, such as times tables, haven’t changed much, these days kids are using new terminology as they add, subtract, divide and multiply.

“The good news for parents is that the answers are the same; it’s just the methods and the words used to describe the process that has changed.”

“Once parents are clear on how maths is being taught at school the stress, arguments and confusion at homework time is usually reduced.”

 Maths in the classroom

According to Diane, many parents make the mistake of trying to teach children the methods they were taught decades ago.

“Teaching our kids what we were taught may be easier for us, but in the long run it doesn’t make things easier for our children.”

‘At school, teachers expect students to confidently master the methods being taught in the classroom, so it’s important for parents not to complicate things by teaching children ‘their way’ because it could make their child’s confusion worse.”

Dianne encourages parents to get involved with their child’s maths and give their kids lots of exposure to maths in the real world.

“Maths is not just for the classroom. Maths is everywhere and so if parents can find ways of helping their kids to ‘think mathematically’ they are half way there.”

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100 Ways to make Maths homework easier - From Maths tutors at Kids First Children's Services in Sydney's northern beaches

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