10 ways to improve your child’s fine motor skills

Want to help your child develop the fine motor skills needed for success at school? The children’s occupational therapists at Kids First share 10 easy, at-home activities that are not only fun, but beneficial too!

10 ways to improve your child's fine motor skills

When you help your child to develop strong hand and finger muscles, you are building the foundations for handwriting and other learning abilities.

Your child’s fine motor skills are what gives him the ability to make coordinated hand movements.

It is important for your child to master these skills because exposure to activities that enhance their dexterity and eye-hand coordination will be beneficial in later life.

Your child’s success at school and in the performance of daily living activities will be greatly enhanced if your child has well-developed fine motor skills by the time school starts.

Fine motor activity ideas to enjoy at home

Kids love age-appropriate arts and crafts, so to help your child build these important skills, why not get back to gluing and cutting?

Remember to include items that encourage manipulation of small items such as toothpicks, beads etc. Aside from enhancing their fine motor skills, the products your children will create will make them feel good about themselves and enhance their self-confidence.

How can you help your child gain success with fine motor tasks?  Just go ahead and enjoy spending time with your kids with these fun activities that will also enhance their fine motor skills…

Download them here.

Free Fact Sheet: 10 Fine Motor Activities to Enjoy at Home

Compiled by the Kids First Occupational Therapy team
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Worried about your child’s fine motor skills?

If you are concerned about your child’s fine motor skills, a paediatric Occupational Therapist may be able to help.
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