10 things kids want from their parents

When Kids First’s Child Psychologists saw the picture below, which was originally posted by Essential Kids , they were keen to share it with you….
Studies have shown that parents and children who spend quality time together enjoy stronger long-term bonds that help kids to be resilient.

Could you find 10 minutes in which you, or another significant adult, could give each of your children undivided attention each day?

Families who have tried this after visiting us at Kids First tell us it can make a huge difference to the way they interact with one another… and the research tells us that simple things like the suggestions above can aid communication, build family bonds and help kids to know that their parents are on their side.

According to our health professionals, the ‘deposits’ you make to build the ‘relationship bank’ you have with your young children becomes vitally important when they are teenagers.

What can you to to connect with your kids today?

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Reference: Image from Essential Kids

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