10 Benefits of Having a Maths Tutor for Your Child

Whether your child likes Maths or not, Maths is part of their life at school and in the world outside it. Experts explain how improved marks are not the only benefits that your child can gain from having a Maths tutor as part of their support team.

Benefits of Having a Maths Tutor for Your Child

Maths skills are becoming an increasingly critical factor in kids’ success or failure in high school and recent reports in Australia’s Financial News directly linked our nation’s skills shortage with a lack of maths skills.

That’s a scary thought for parents of children who may be struggling with their Maths class.

On a wider scale, some research indicates a “negative correlation between a countries’ mathematics test scores and their “entrepreneurialness”.

Over and over, educational experts point to Maths teaching methods as being at the core of kids’ experience.

Some children react well to rote memorization, while others benefit more from concept building, problem solving, reasoning, and linking the real world with their curriculum.

So how can you ensure your child is receiving the best instruction?

Here are 10 benefits of having a Maths tutor for your child.

1.Build your child’s confidence
According to Australia’s premier mental health service for children, KidsMatter, building confidence is about “valuing individual effort, persistence and improvement.” Using an individual Maths tutor shows your child you value the effort he or she is putting into their work. As they see improvement, their confidence will increase.

2.Get help with new concepts
It’s true. Maths techniques are very different now than when you were in school. As a result, struggling children are often even more confused because parents try to teach them a completely different method than their teachers. A trained Maths tutor will be up-to-date on the latest methods and techniques to ensure the tutoring is reinforcing concepts taught at school.

3.Help your child deal positively with challenges
No one likes to feel like a failure. However, children must learn to deal positively with disappointment. Getting help from a tutor is like saying, “It’s ok that you need help. Let’s get some.” Turn challenges into a teaching opportunity and life lesson.

4.Develop a solid foundation early
As early as primary school, children are forming a foundation for later years. Struggling with early skills will make more difficult concepts even more challenging. Don’t wait for the school to identify that your child is struggling. Seek out a Maths tutor that can perform a Maths skills screening. Regardless of what level your child is at, a skilled tutor will be able to make their foundation even more solid as they move forward.

5.Learn in a one-on-one or small group environment
It’s not uncommon for classrooms to have 30 or more students, making individual attention extremely difficult. A large group also discourages children from asking for the help they need out of embarrassment. Tutoring in a one to one or small group setting offers help that is free from the chaotic classroom setting.

6.Give them the chance to try different methods
Classroom eachers are sometimes tied to standard techniques or what works best for the group of 30-plus students. A qualified tutor, who is also a teacher, knows the government mandated curriculum, but also has the time to use various techniques customised to your child’s aptitude. A tutor can use “strength-based” training to leverage your child’s learning assets.

7.Create a stress-free environment
Classrooms are stressful. Students undergo many forms of peer pressure, whether it is to “not look dumb” or “not look too smart.” Tutoring takes out the peer pressure factor and provides the individual attention kids need to succeed. Small group tutoring matches students with others at their skill level so no one feels out-of-place. The relaxed, often fun, atmosphere provides an environment where children feel free to ask questions.

8.Get some time back
Let’s face it. Even the most successful of parents don’t always remember how to find the area of a circle. Leave the teaching to the experts instead of trying to find a YouTube video to help you remember the concept so you can try to explain it to your child. Let a tutor take the pressure off.

9.Help your child transition
Tutoring is especially helpful when a child is transitioning into a new situation that could cause them to fall behind. It could be going to a new school, new district, new home or going through a divorce or death of a loved one. Getting your child the extra help he or she needs at these critical times helps them manage the transition, and feel confident about it.

10.Give your child a sense of control
Too many students think success in Maths is due to external factors, such as an easy test or maybe they happened to guess the right answer. A tutor will instill concepts in your child that builds confidence in their ability to control their success. Increased performance sends the message that hard work and diligence pay off. Your child is in the driver’s seat, feeling confident and in control of their future.

Would your child benefit from some Maths tutoring?

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