Michael Gamble – Speech Pathologist

Michael Gamble – Speech Pathologist

  Michael is a highly trained paediatric speech pathologist with a strong reputation for providing children with creative and engaging speech therapy that focuses on their individual needs. Prior to joining the Kids First team, Michael worked for a highly respected children’s charity delivering speech therapy to disadvantaged children in Sydney preschools and schools. He […]

Samantha Su – Occupational Therapist

Samantha Su – Occupational Therapist

  Samantha’s Masters’ degree in Occupational Therapy and Bachelors’ degree in Psychological Science means that she has a unique understanding of the challenges that many children and families face. Throughout her career, Samantha has worked extensively in private practice and not-for-profit early intervention settings. She has years of experience supporting preschool and school aged children […]

Free seminar: How to Give Your Bilingual Child the Best Start

Advice for parents and teachers of bilingual children aged 0 – 6 Bilingual children have unique language and learning skills As the parent or preschool teacher of bilingual children, your desire to help the kids in your care make the best possible start is natural…but how can you achieve this? 15% of Australian children live […]

How to help your high schooler with English

  High School Parents! If your bright and capable teenager is struggling in English, this video is for you! Kids First Children’s Services’ director (and experienced English teacher) Sonja Walker has taught hundreds of high schoolers. Sonja understands that many kids are capable students, but that their main problem is knowing what to write and […]

Fine Motor Skills: How to help your child thrive at preschool and school

Inside Kindergarten classrooms all around Australia, kids are busy using and practising their Fine Motor Skills. They write their names on the top of worksheets many times a day. Their scissors and gluesticks get a good work out in almost every subject and during Art, making masterpieces with paintbrushes is just the beginning for Kindy […]

How to help your child make a successful start to school next year

Is your child ready to make a happy, confident start to ‘big school’ next year? Going to school is a big step for little kids, and there are many skills that they need to have mastered in order to make the best possible start to Kindergarten. Although your son or daughter may be old enough to begin […]

What Should I Do If I Suspect My Child Is Dyslexic?

    Your children’s bedtime was always your favourite time of day—that’s when you read with them from their favourite books.  But there’s something different with your youngest, a five-year old.  He mispronounces common words, can’t remember nursery rhymes like “Jack and Jill,” and still can’t say his ABCs. At first, you assumed he just […]