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How to help your high schooler with English


High School Parents! If your bright and capable teenager is struggling in English, this video is for you!

Kids First Children’s Services’ director (and experienced English teacher) Sonja Walker has taught hundreds of high schoolers.

Sonja understands that many kids are capable students, but that their main problem is knowing what to write and how to get their ideas onto their page.

Check out what Sonja has to say about how to build kids’ confidence in English in the video below

Does your child need help with high school English?

Kids First’s High School English and Writing groups are a popular way to help students in Years 7 to 11 to build confidence in English.

On Thursday afternoons at our centre in Brookvale, Sonja helps teens to overcome their reluctance to write by taking a step-by-step, skills based approach to writing essays and extended responses.

Her easy to remember strategies have helped hundreds of high school English students to improve their marks in English, and she can help your child too.

Want to know more?

Sonja’s groups book out quickly and class sizes are limited to ensure that her students receive the support they need.

Call Kids First on 9938 5419 or complete the enquiry form at the bottom of this page to set up a time to chat about your high schooler’s learning needs.


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